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"Zoom Ready" Home Office Background Ideas

Home offices have become a necessity for many in this era of remote work. A well put together, clutter-free, Zoom-ready background will improve your energy, efficiency, and have you looking professional on screen. Here are some ideas:

Accent Wall Backgrounds

If you're not ready to fully commit, try refreshing your wall decor with peel and stick wall tiles or install a decorative panel. Choose a color, texture, and style to pump up your conference backdrop.

Textured Backgrounds

Give more character to your appearance with a curated gallery wall, a mix of prints, patterns and textiles, or even exposed bricks. It’s good to make your home office background is eye-catching, just not overly dominant. Photos, artwork, and bookshelves can work to your benefit.

Studious Built-in Cabinetry

Built-ins give a studious appeal while offering practical and ample storage. You can keep all your possessions in place and reach for them anytime without disturbance.

Best Colors

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your home office design. Apply some color psychology to boost your mood and productivity throughout the work day:

  • Green: while easy on the eyes, it is also fresh and balancing.

  • Blue: brain-friendly and calming while promoting communication and efficiency.

  • Yellow: brings a burst of positivity and promotes creativity and happiness.

  • Red: represents courage, strength and excitement. Use this color for a stimulation.

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