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Why We Can't Quit Homes With White Walls & Plants

There’s just something visually striking about the contrast between a lively green plant and a saturated wall that makes for an irresistible combo. It makes a space feel so fresh and clean, no wonder it's taken over Instagram and Pinterest in the last couple of years.

Here's why the white walls and plants trend might be worth trying:


If you’re living in a rental, you probably have white walls, so you're already halfway there! When it comes to styling your space, be intentional about the variety and size of plants you choose. If you're wanting something simple and clean, stick to a single plant versus mixing different vining plants together; they’ll grow at different speeds and could come out looking wonky.

It’s decoratively versatile

You can easily work white walls coupled with greenery into your current space, regardless of your style.

Take a trip to the wild side by swapping plain terracotta pots for vibrantly-animated

planters to really pack a punch; these artful vessels lend a

much-needed dose of saturation while the lively greens themselves still remain the center of attention.

It’s low-effort yet high-impact

An empty nook is pretty much an invitation to carve out the ultimate plant corner (bonus points if it’s surrounded by windows). Low effort yet striking enough to make a statement, the beauty is in the simplicity.

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