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Why Small Spaces Are The Best Spaces

Given the high price of housing, many are working with smaller spaces. We need to remember it’s important to celebrate the many advantages that come with dwelling in tight quarters, such as:

They’re Cozy

Living in small spaces has genuine advantages when it comes to cozy-making. When you don’t have a vast amount of space to fill and manage, it’s a lot easier to focus on making your environment just right. Small inexpensive pieces of decor, like candles and throw pillows, will have a bigger impact on your overall ambiance than they would in a larger space.

They’re More Organized

There’s much less room for the extra miscellaneous “stuff” that has a knack for accumulating in your space, even when you don’t need, like, or use it. Things no longer useful to you stand out more, making it easier to purge clutter, get organized, and surround yourself only with things you find helpful or valuable.

They’re Cheaper to Decorate

It can take thousands of dollars worth of furniture and decor to make a large space look warm, comfortable, and inviting. Small spaces make decorating way more simple and affordable. Rather than many pieces of large and expensive furniture, you only need a few to make your style sing.

They Promote Minimalism

Minimalism has been making major waves in the interior design scene in an effort to live more simply and reduce stress. One of the cool things about small homes is that they make adopting this stress-free, joy-inducing style super easy.

They’re Easier to Clean

The bigger a space, the longer it takes to organize, tidy-up and deep clean, and it’s way more challenging to keep it that way. Who wants to spend hours just trying to make a space look livable? That’s why cozy spaces are awesome for those who find peace and tranquility when surrounded by order and cleanliness.

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