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What is Grandmillenial Style?

Image: Gracie's Studio

Remember your grandmother's living room? It's back, but with a twist! House Beautiful dubbed this new trend "Grandmillenial".

The mid-20s to late-30s generation are rebelling against the mainstream monochromatic look that has dominated for years. Instead, they're looking to earlier generations for inspiration. It's all about prints, ruffles, embroidered linens, needlepoint, and wicker.

This granny-chic look isn't the stuffy, formal look you remember from childhood. This style adopts the traditional old school trends while mixing in modern elements for an upscale, comfortable aesthetic.


Classic patterned prints are the paramount of Grandmillennial style. Like toile, chintz, and plaid featured on curtains, upholstery, and coverings.


Ruffles, pleats, and fringe along with dark wooded heirloom furniture have also resurfaced. Abstract art and metallic accents helps modernize this look.

This style falls between minimalism and maximalism. To pull this look off and make it more timeless, it's important to be selective with accessories to avoid cluttering up the space. Choose bold patterns but with a limited color palette so the look is cozy, layered, and not chaotic.

Design your space to be full of personality!

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