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Ways to Make Your Home Look High-End

Looking for ways to make your home look high-end without the price tag? I have some tips on how to make each room in your house look more lux. You don’t have to undergo a huge home remodel to get a cutting-edge look. It’s all about making the proper interior design choices.

Bedroom Tip: Use 2 duvets on your bed

If you are wondering why comforters always look so much fluffier on display, in a hotel or online it’s because they are most likely using two duvets to achieve the look. Lay one duvet flat out on your bed, acting as the “functional” comforter, and lay the other one right on top with a fold to add that plush layer that you are looking for. Without the extra help, your comforter will almost always look pretty flat, but add an extra duvet cover and you will get that extra fluff in no time.

Living Room: Large-Scale Throw Pillows

You can make your family room look more high-end by simply adding large throw pillows. Adding large throw pillows on your couch or chair rather than small ones will instantly give off that deluxe look. You can also use this trick on your bed too. An oversized pillow is typically about 24” x 24” and I recommend layering them with mid-sized pillows. This will add scale and value to your space.

Source: Pottery Barn

Lighting: Layer Your Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in the look and feel of your home. It’s typically an overlooked part of design, but it makes a huge difference! Add some extra light sources to create a more beautiful and high-end experience in any space. This could be sconces, table lamps, standing lamps or art lighting. It’s important to keep in mind that you should be using the same temperature of lighting throughout your entire house. Mixing different temperatures of light will cause the sources to clash.

Add wall molding

Adding any kind of board and batten, picture moldings or bead board to your wall will add a custom feel to your home. You can either choose to hire this out or do it on your own. There are plenty of resources online to get these projects done on your own while still making it look like it was professionally done.


There are many ways to do curtains wrong, but there are also a lot of tips out there that will help you do them right. Tip number one is to always hang your curtains at least 3-4 inches above your window. If you are looking for ways to make your room feel/look bigger, hang your curtains closer to the ceiling. You should also use curtains that are the correct size. It’s important to make sure that your curtains are long enough to touch the floor but not too long that they pile onto the floor. If your curtains happen to be too short, try out some curtain rings. They will allow for some extra length while still giving your curtains the leverage they need for a more high-end appeal.

Source: Pottery Barn

Neutral Color Palette

If you are new to the design world, I recommend sticking to a neutral color palette. You can add pops of color and texture through other platforms such as décor or furniture. Using a neutral color palette will ensure a high-end look and keep your home looking clean and polished.

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