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Vintage Making Statements In Homes

Vintage is making a comeback. There has been more and more vintage appearing in homes, adding that unique touch that seemed to be missing. What was once an old trend has become new and I’m here for it. Here are some popular vintage items that you didn’t know you needed.

Cane Pieces

Natural materials such as jute, wool, and cane are coming back. Cane adds the perfect amount of texture to a space without being too overwhelming. This material is seen the most on chairs and cabinet doors. You can find cane in sturdy vintage pieces that have held up beautifully over the years. But, don’t worry- if you can’t find it in your local vintage shop, many home stores have caught on to the popular look and likely have it in stock.


Peel and stick wallpaper is having its moment. With easy application and current designs, it's hard not to love. This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. These are bold designs, unique patterns, and contrasting colors. Floral has taken the spotlight and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. We are seeing bold wallpaper on accent walls with minimal or mid-century modern furniture to accent. This trend is giving custom looks, and people are loving it.

Repurposed Furniture

Speaking of custom looks; repurposed furniture has become very popular. Adding custom wood countertops to your vanity or repurposing an old dresser as an entertainment center have been seen frequently in homes. With a little Source: Urban Outfitters

polish and new hardware, anything can look new again; and even better-custom!


Rounder shapes are making their way into homes. Whether it be your sofa, coffee table, or entryways, round is better. Suddenly your square doorways feel too sharp. Archways give off that high-end look while still staying natural and not too overwhelming. Archways add height to a room by drawing the eye upward. Consider adding this to your home for a beautiful and subtle twist.

French Mirrors

For those who want to take their traditionally styled home up a notch, French style mirrors are a great option. This touch will offer an artistic appeal while staying functional. Try one of these on your gallery wall or as a bathroom mirror.

Source: Urban Outfitters

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