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Vintage is Here to Stay

Replica furniture and cheap pieces are on their way out. Instead, there is an increased demand for sturdy, high-quality furniture. Carefully sourced vintage or new high-end furniture has been increasingly popular in 2021.

Great vintage pieces are usually found when you least expect them, so keep a lookout, and you might get lucky! Whether it is in your grandmother’s home or at your local flea market, vintage is coming back. This emerging style has great potential to bring character and stories to a room or home. Vintage is oftentimes a more cost-effective way to shop for furniture and is likely a sturdier option that will last longer. Older furniture can also obtain value. Talk with an appraiser to check if your vintage piece has value. To prepare, check to see if there is any damage, note the composition and look for maker's labels.

Source: House Beautiful

Mixing old vintage pieces with new furniture can bring contrast to your home and, without a doubt, has been a big trend in 2021. Do you need help finding the right vintage pieces for your home? Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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