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Upholstered Walls Are Trending Now

Upholstered walls are becoming the replacement for painted accent walls. Instead of choosing a different color for one wall in a room, designers are using different textures on their walls to add contrast and something unique. So, how should upholstered walls be used?

One way to utilize this trend is to extend your headboard with upholstered wall panels. Extending your headboard a couple inches from the actual size of your bed can make your bedroom appear wider, especially if your bed is set in the middle of the room. This trend can create an elegant feel to a room. Great textures to use for a headboard include a nice smooth leather or a velvet texture.

Source: Etsy

Upholstered walls also look great in movie rooms. Using this feature on two or more walls can close in a space, creating extra comfort. If you want to make your movie room super cozy, try using padded panels. This can transition your movie night at home into an in-home theater experience.

Another way to use upholstered walls throughout your home is to feature a space. Maybe you have a reading nook or a mudroom that needs a bit of added spice. Upholstered walls are a great way to add detail to small areas that you want featured around your home.

Source: Etsy

Whether you want an upholstered wall to add comfort, detail or elegance to your home, this trend will definitely do the job to make a room stand out. Need help designing the home of your dreams? Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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