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Unexpected Items to Decorate With

Are you in a decorating rut? Some of the very best accent pieces are those that are a bit off the beaten path and may not even be intended for decorative purposes at all. Here are unexpected items that can double as stylish, affordable home decor and will help set your space apart from all the others.

Musical instruments

Even if you’d rather forget about your school marching band days, you can take that instrument right out of its case and give it a pride of place by hanging it on the wall. Guitars are the obvious choice, but almost any instrument will work.

Mismatched plates

Go to your local thrift shop and search for beautiful vintage plates. Style them with stems of flowers in between or hang your plates on a wall to create a gallery wall-like installation.

Photo Credit: - Shruti Chopra

Repurposed baskets

Inspiration can be found anywhere, but have you looked in the kitchen. For instance, a breadbasket would make a great sconce, just add a light bulb!

Air plants

Air plants are a must when styling a built-in, a coffee table, or creating a spa-like bathroom. They bring so much dimension to any surface with their organic shape and sage green color. Their affordable price point and their ability to thrive with minimal maintenance make them a shelf staple.

Children’s artwork

Celebrate your kiddos’ artistic skills by keeping their colorful pieces on display. Finger paintings, drawings, craft projects — if you opt for all white frames, it really elevates the work and makes for a fun gallery wall.

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