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Ultimate Guide to Interior Design Styles

Are you wanting a solid theme for your entire home or even just for a room? Finding the right kind of design scheme for your home can be tricky and making it all flow well together is even trickier. The best place to start is to go over the different types of interior design styles that there are so you can get an idea of what you like.

The first design style is Contemporary. This style revolves around simple, subtle design. If you like the look of sophistication, this style is for you. Some good ways to show a Contemporary look is with contrasting neutral colors, simple shapes, straight lines and clean looking textures. If you have an open space that you are working with, Contemporary design would be really fitting.

Next is Modern, which is characterized by a monochromatic color scheme. This style also roots from minimalism, neutral colors and clean lines. If you are working with a space that has a lot of natural light, a Modern theme would work great.

Traditional style is based largely on the 18th and 19th century European styles. No, this doesn't mean that it looks like you just walked into your grandma’s house. Traditional style is timeless, comfortable and very put together without Source: Wayfair

being too fancy. Traditional design can look like book collections, floral arrangements, vases and large rugs. This style can vary quite a bit, but the most important factor is keeping everything balanced.

If you like unique and colorful designs, Eclectic interior design is for you. This style mixes different artistic and design elements into one space. This can look like an informal mix of furnishings, paintings, paint colors and décor. Eclectic design typically combines bright colors and patterns and mixes them with unexpected pieces.

Do you lean more towards light neutrals? Cottage design includes light neutral colors to create bright airy spaces. This style is typically all-white, but you can use a primary color palette in softer shades and achieve the same look.

Next is Mediterranean interior design. This look is characterized by romantic yet simple aesthetics. This style includes light and warmer tones and the use of natural materials for décor such as ceramics, wood and cotton. If you have exposed beams, a stone wall or a lot of natural light coming into your home, Mediterranean design would be a great choice.

Source: Wayfair

Urban interior design style is a blend of Contemporary, Modern and Industrial design to create a unique style that fits in well with city living. If you live in a loft or an apartment with no carpet, this design style would work perfectly. Urban design looks like concrete or wood floors, exposed beams, steel and unfinished surfaces. This may sound scary to some, but furnishings are what make this style look expensive, polished and purposeful.

Nautical interior design brings in elements from the sea and ships. When this style is brought to life, it feels as if you are sailing the ocean. The color scheme is typically different shades of navy, white, yellow and brown. To get a Nautical look, incorporate some rope, net patterns, white accents, wooden furniture and striped patterns.

Beach house interior design may sound like it’s similar to Nautical design, but the two are actually very different. This style uses a blue, white and gold color palette to create a bright, simple and fresh look. This style will include seaside elements such as sand, shells and clean colors. If you live somewhere warm or have a beach or lake house, this style would be perfect.

Lastly, we have Farm House interior design. This style values simplicity, practicality, mixed with a rustic charm. With this look, you will see a lot of farming equipment turned into eye-catching décor, sleek lighting and wood textures.

Hopefully this helped you get an idea about what your interior taste is. Let’s bring these styles to life in your own home! Contact me today by Calling Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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