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Transforming a Closet into a Multi-functional Space

Closets can be used for more than just storing clothing and shoes. Even the smallest hallway closets can be transformed into something that goes beyond just storage. Check out some of these ideas on how to transform your closet into a multi-functional space.

Convert a closet into a home office

If you don’t have a spare room and have an underused closet, convert it to create a workstation. Bring in a slender desk, chair, and table lamp and you’re ready to start the workday or school day.

Carve out space for a vanity

The glam room you’ve been wanting is within reach if you have the space for a vanity in your closet. Add a bold paint color or patterned wallpaper to give the space something extra. Choosing vintage decor will give it the glam look you’ve been dreaming of.

Transform a hallway closet into a bar

You don’t have to have a sink or hook-up for a small refrigerator in your hallway closet to create a mini bar. Simply remove the closet doors and add a chest or cabinet that you can turn into a bar. Add ambient lighting and some artwork to brighten up the area. Add barn style doors to take this look a step further.

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