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Top Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Selling your home is a serious business decision. Even with the most gorgeous home, these common first-time seller mistakes could cost you a potential buyer.

Forgetting to Stage Before a Showing If you leave your home empty or messy, the potential buyers will be left with either an empty feeling or they won't see past the mess. This is why home staging is so important. When staging, you need to leave enough furniture without feeling cramped and make sure to clean up. Consider hiring a professional, like an interior designer.

Skimping on Photographs Photographs are what gets potential buyers in your home. Even if your home looks great in person, if you have bad quality photos, people online won't give it a second glance. Either hire a professional or, if you plan on taking your own, make sure your home is cleaned, well-lit, and capture various angles.

Pricing Too High There is a science to pricing your home, and over-pricing or under-pricing your home can cost you a lot of money. Many things have to be considered when setting a price: the home's condition, market value, market movement, demand, locations, and comparable sales.

Not Hiring Professionals If you're a first-time seller, it's best to hire professionals like realtors, interior designers, and photographers to help your home sell quickly and for you to gain knowledge for future sales.

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