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Tips to Raise Your Curb Appeal

The outside appearance of your home is just as important as the inside, so what does your home's curb appeal say to those passing by? Check out these easy design tips to heighten your home's character.

Sugar Coat It Presentation is key! Repainting the entire exterior of the house, the trim, or the door can drastically update your home. For a little sugar coating, apply decorative siding and detailed molding for immediate eye candy (less is always more).

Greener is Better For a fresh look, grow a greener front lawn and add some flowers/shrubbery. You don't want dry and patchy grass as the focal point of your yard. Laying new sod revitalizes the front of your home. For lesser upkeep, exchange the grass for dessert shrubbery.

Refresh the Concrete Broken concrete is usually found in older homes and it's not only dangerous, but it gives a run-down appearance to your home. Fill in the cracks, or if it's in the budget, re-pouring concrete will instantly give off a fresh new vibe.

Focal door Place the emphasis on the entrance of your home by painting your front door a contrasting color from your house. Illuminate the entrance with a pendant light and matching sconces for that designer feel.

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