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Tips For Keeping a Kid-Friendly Home Clean

In a kid-friendly home, sometimes it can feel like an insurmountable task to keep things presentable, let alone clean and well-organized. But with a few clever tips, and some assistance from your little ones, bringing some order to the chaos isn’t impossible.

Thoughtful Fabric Selections

Have you stayed away from investing in custom upholstery due to the anticipation of immediate stains and crumbs? Fear not, look for fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain. Try solution-dyed acrylics. They're resistant to fading and can withstand cleaning from spills and other messes.

Bring The Outdoors In

High traffic spaces like a playroom or the kitchen are prime candidates for upholstery in outdoor fabrics. They're designed for durability, functionality, and are made from a variety of fibers like polyester and acrylic.

Maximize and Customize Your Storage

Whether it's built-in closets or hidden drawers under beds, these hiding spaces make it appear everything has a space; even your little ones can help tidy up by tossing toys in a basket. In areas like a mudroom, try incorporating a built-in bench with storage. Add a cushion on top for fun!

Minimize Visual Clutter

Avoid feeling overwhelmed every time you step into a room by decluttering and letting go of unused toys and books. You can also reduce the amount of visual noise by choosing soothing colors, fabrics, and avoiding too many contrasting patterns. Stick with solid fabrics in complementary colors like calming blues and greens or more subtle patterns that work well with solids.

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