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This Home Décor Trend Might Bring You Good Luck

Clover prints are everywhere! This trend feels like a fresh take on the usual botanical motifs, because both the leaves and the flowers are circular, creating a playful polka dot-like pattern.

While this pattern feels fresh and of the moment, it definitely has a retro quality. Here are some ways you can incorporate it in your space.

Clovers Wallpaper

Try clover wallpaper, like this Rebecca Atwood clover pattern. It’s available as a fabric (in blue and green colorways) and as a wallpaper (also available in blue and green).

Throw Pillow

You can never go wrong with patterned throw pillows!

Modern Sprout Tiny Kit

Modern Sprout sells a tiny kit to grow your own good luck clover. It makes a fantastic gift for a kid, or a grown-up, in need of a pick-me-up.

Source: Rebecca Atwood

Decorative Paper Clover Stems

These beautiful paper clover stems are by John Derian from the Green Vase. He also offers a purple version. Stick these in a vase for everlasting greenery!

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