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These Paint Colors Will Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

Do you have a bathroom in your home that feels like it should have a little more space than it does? Are you searching for ways to make your bathroom feel bigger? You have come to the right place! With a few design hacks and the right color scheme, you can open up your bathroom space making it feel bigger than it really is.

The paint color that you choose for your bathroom plays a huge role on how spacious it will feel. Whether you have a small bathroom or a bigger bathroom, choosing the right colors will always do the trick to make a space feel bigger. Painting your walls lighter colors such as white, light gray, pastel blue, cream, or yellow will visually expand a room. On the contrary, painting your walls dark such as navy blue, black or burgundy can absorb the light resulting in a more closed-in feel.

Source: Renoguide

Painting your bathroom walls white or cream can seem boring to some, but there are other ways that you can spice up your bathroom. Add pops of color by incorporating greenery, a cool painting, colorful towels, rugs or shower curtains. Painting your walls a neutral color can also come with the benefit of easily switching up your decorations to create new and exciting looks throughout the year.

If you want to expand your bathroom but you refuse to give up bold paint colors, try an accent wall. Having a darker accent wall can give you the best of both worlds, but it can risk the chance of your bathroom not looking as spacious as it would with no accent wall. If you decide to go this route, I would recommend choosing a wall that is away from the door and not across any mirrors. This will ensure that you allow for the most depth possible in your bathroom.

Lastly, try to avoid any crazy patterns or textures. It’s okay to have a statement piece such as a painting or a patterned rug, but try to keep this minimal. It can also be easy to assume that patterned wallpaper will distract from a small bathroom. When really, patterned or textured wallpapers can actually cause more of a cluttered look resulting in your bathroom feeling smaller. Try to stick with smooth one-toned colors for the walls and flooring.

Another simple tip to open up your small bathroom is to take advantage of mirrors! You may think a small bathroom means you have to have a small mirror but this is not true. Adding a large mirror with a simple, clean looking

Source: Wayfair

border will open up your bathroom with the help of reflection. Having a smooth, light toned paint job will also make this trick pay off 100x more.

Hopefully these tips have given you some inspiration on ways to open up your bathroom. If you are looking to completely renovate your space or need professional interior design help, I would be happy to help! Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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