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These Lighting Trends will Brighten your Home

Lighting can be used in so many different ways. It can definitely set the mood.. and it can set the wrong mood, so it’s pretty important to choose wisely. Here are some tips that will light the way and keep you on the right track.

If you are going for a more relaxed and intimate feel, try using lamps and focal point lighting as your main source of lighting. Focal point lighting is becoming very popular. This kind of lighting is great if you want to lead the eyes to a certain part of the room, or if you want to showcase something. Focal lighting can also be used for convenience too, for example if you have a dark closet or a full game cabinet, this lighting will help you find things with less of a hassle.

Sculptural table and floor lamps are really in. If you have minimalistic or very neutral décor, sculptural lighting might be just what you need to spice things up a bit while keeping the design looking clean. There are some flawless sculptural pieces that can turn a spacious room from drab to fab really quick! A good place for this kind of lighting is in the kitchen or dining room. Sculptural floor lamps can look great in a living room or bedroom.

If you want a darker and bold look, brass is right up your alley, and it’s everywhere! Brass lighting can give you just the right amount of bold you need in a room without going

overboard. It’s shiny, looks high-end and works Source: IKEA

well with a lot of different styles. Some popular brass styles are hanging lights or rectangular lanterns.

Lastly, colorful lighting has been popular and it’s clear why. This kind of lighting can bring a fun feel and is so versatile. If you want to start with something simple, try placing colorful led lights under your cabinets or behind your T.V. If you want the colors to make more of a statement, get a chandelier or lamp that has bright colors. This will definitely make any room pop!

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Source: IKEA

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