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The Trendiest Animal Print Right Now

Cow patterns are currently having a major moment, giving you the chance to live out your pastoral dreams right at home. If you think this trend is a little loud for your space, there are plenty of ways you can weave it in. Here are several patterned accents to try:

Faux Cowhide Area Rug

You've seen faux cowhide rugs all over social media, they add a hint of texture and fun to your space! They're an irregular shape while reinforcing a neutral pallet.

Cow Removable Wallpaper

Bring this classic pattern into your home or apartment with the help of cow printed removable wallpaper. You can cover an entire wall or just cover small sections like your bookshelf, cabinet backs, or even inside a closet.

Cow Fabric Storage Bins

For a more subtle print, try cow print fabric storage bins. These cubes are understated, functional, and affordable enough to swap out when you're ready for something new.

Cowhide Throw Pillow and Blankets

Faux cowhide throw pillows and blankets are chic enough to blend seamlessly with any decor style you add it to. It works in a mid-century modern living room just as well as it would accent a bohemian bedroom.

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