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The Biggest Living Room Decorating Mistakes

Living rooms aren’t always decorated as efficiently or effectively as possible. Many people have their furniture pushed up against the walls, thinking that it will make the space more open. This actually restricts the space, making it feel less inviting, and doesn’t allow for many options. Here is a list of common decorating mistakes and what you can do instead.

Too many large pieces of furniture

Often times, people will have too many big pieces of furniture in their living room. People tend to think that they need the matching sofa, love seat, chairs, coffee table, etc. In the average living room, this can be overwhelming and cramped. Instead, stick to one or two prominent pieces, opening up the space.

Not enough seating

Not having enough seating options results in a layout that isn’t functional. Strategically use various seating like sofas, sectional, chaise lounges, ottomans, and chairs. When doing so, the design has a layered and intentional feel, and everyone has a place to sit. Pick a few of your favorite styles that work best for your setup.

The decor doesn’t balance out your furniture

Decorative accents should be given as much thought and consideration as the furniture, they’re an important finishing touch for a polished and personal look. Try adding a stack of coffee table books and splashes of color for a collective feel. Also, adding plants is a great idea for bringing life into a space.

The area rug is too small

Area rugs ground a room. If they’re too small, they’ll make the room feel disproportionate. They should be large enough to go ½ way under your furniture. For formal living rooms, a larger sized rug is recommended so that there is equal distance around all the furniture. This guide helps the room feel more cultivated, balanced, and cozy.

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