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The Best Bathroom Wall Options

Bathroom walls are different from walls in other parts of the home. In living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other dry areas, any type of wall covering will typically work. But in bathrooms, water comes from all directions. Here are the best solutions for your bathroom:

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Vinyl Wallpaper

This is one of the better options for bathroom walls in terms of functionality. But if 100% vinyl wallpaper makes you think of a hotel, think again. Vinyl wallpaper has grown up and become sophisticated. Just be sure that your present wall surface can accept peelable vinyl wallpaper.

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Semi-Gloss Bathroom or Regular Interior Paint

Bathroom Paint is regular interior paint that has properties that make it better suited for bathrooms. With regular interior paint, the main thing to avoid is getting a flat or matte surface paint because the paint's pores trap water. A classic way to avoid this is to use semi-gloss or even a high gloss sheen.

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Ceramic or Glass Tile

Ceramic tile is a classic choice for bathroom walls. As long as it is properly applied, moisture will never be a problem. All tile has grout, and grout means lines. Lines create patterns that can either enhance or detract from the bathroom's appearance.


Beadboard provides only partial coverage for the wall: the lower half. But the lower section is the most important part when it comes to moisture problems. It can be painted with semi-gloss or glossy paint, which thoroughly protects the lower parts of the walls against moisture.

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