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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Many of us share a great meal with the ones that we love on Thanksgiving. When you’re the host, the pressure is on for everything to be perfect from the food down to the décor. Today we will be going over some different ways to decorate your dining table for a stylish and appealing holiday meal.

Chic Accents

Do you want your thanksgiving to be classy and chic? Try incorporating some chinoiserie décor to your table. From plated to serving dishes, you can have the most elegant table of all.

Embrace the Dark Shades

If you enjoy contrasting tones, this choice is great! Instead of your typical red, orange or tan tablecloth, go for a black one for an unexpected color twist. Not only will it make your table look extremely modern, it will also add that instant dose of luxury. You can also choose one accent color that will pop next to the black or keep it simple with the ultimate contrast combination of black and whites.

Source: Sonoma

Gold, Gold and more Gold!

If you are feeling materialistic and lavish this Thanksgiving, brighten up the table with metallic gold. From gold cups to gold silverware, your table will be looking high-end in no time.

Rustic Look

If you prefer a more rustic, farmhouse look, adding wooden plate chargers is a pleasant and unexpected element. It will definitely make a statement while maintaining that traditional Thanksgiving look.

Play with Color

Orange, red, yellow and brown might seem like the go-to colors for decorating your table for Thanksgiving. Instead, play with shades of blue or green to create a new twist on what the holiday should look like. Be sure to add objects that symbolize the holiday such as leaves or a turkey, but who said it had to follow a color scheme!

White and Green

This color scheme is minimalistic and absolutely timeless. Go for for a white base and incorporate nature-inspired greenery to top off the look of pure elegance.

Let the Plates do the Talking

Thanksgiving is really about the food, so why not let the plates do the work? All you need is a simple tablecloth or runner, maybe a couple candles for a centerpiece and top it off with some plates that make a statement.

Hopefully one of these styles speaks to you and you end up with the perfect Thanksgiving table. Need professional interior design help? Call me today at Source: Sonoma

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