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Stylish Man Cave Ideas

Let’s face it, we all need our space. Women are just as thankful for man caves as men. Whether it’s to unwind after a long day, indulge in a hobby or just to be alone it’s not unusual to want a space for yourself. Here are some tips when creating the perfect getaway.


First you will want to decide on the location of your man cave. This could look like a traditional garage or basement setup, or you could go with non traditional options such as a bedroom or shed. Whichever area you choose, it might be worth it to consider a separate A/C and heating system. This will allow for the most comfort in your designated relaxation area.

The Specifics

We get it, not all men have the eye for good design, but a high-functioning man cave should be practical while still looking presentable. One huge tip when designing a mancave is focusing on material. The materials of your décor and furniture will make a huge difference on the vibe and look of your mancave. Some popular materials include wood and metal. These are perfect materials because they give off that rustic feel while still being extremely durable.

Other design choices you should keep in mind are outlets. Most man caves tend to have a need for a lot of power, so having convenient power outlets will save you the stress of a limited layout or hiding cords.

Choose Your Niche

My number one tip is to invest or splurge in what you care about. Is your man cave meant for Saturday night football? Invest in a nice tv and sound system. Is your man cave meant for high-end cocktails? Invest in an open bar or kitchen. Is your man cave meant for games? Invest in a sleek pool table. Spending a good portion of your budget here will make all of the difference and keep the men in your life happy.

Allow for a Variety of Seating Arrangements

No matter how you choose to style your mancave, there will always be a demand for quality seating. Seating could be anything from big and comfy recliners to classy and cushioned bar stools. Skip the low-quality folding chairs and opt for some stylish options instead for easy access and movement.

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