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Stylish Man Cave Ideas

Cold weather makes the perfect time to update that man cave! While deer heads, sports memorabilia, and big bulky couches may work for some, there's are other ways to make your hideaway traditionally cool and stylish.

Game Tables Keep the energy in your man cave high by adding a sleek game table. The guys can't always just watch TV in there, it ups the fun factor and encourages them to get on their feet while adding a sporty element.

Built-in-Bar What's a man cave without a bar? If you don't have the space for a full bar, built-ins are just as great. Use classy liquor decanters to mature the space and add in some contrasting sporty bar stools for a sophisticated masculine design.

Retro Decor Retro pieces have a masculine edge that many guys look for in their man cave. Old-style lighting, vintage furnishings, upcycled pieces and worn leather add style into the usual mishmash of household items.

Seating No matter the style of the man cave, there's always a need for places for everyone to sit, eat, and drink. If the space has game tables, leaving limited seating area, skip the couch and go with some comfy matching chairs and small higher-end side tables. For the times when extra seating is needed, skip the tacky folding chairs and invest in some stylish benches and stools for easy movement.

Planning and decorating your man cave should be fun. Need help designing the perfect hang-out spot? Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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