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Smart Tips for Small-Space Furniture

Does your space lack square footage? Here are a few tips and tricks for small-space furniture.

Pay attention to legs

A pedestal table, sofa with visible legs, or a chest of drawers that’s raised up on short legs often will seem lighter than something that’s solid all the way to its base. However, things can start to look busy really fast, so it’s best to aim for a mix of silhouettes.

Circles over squares

Round tables take up less floor space while offering just as much usable surface. Choosing a pedestal design over one with multiple legs means that you can squeeze in extra chairs when needed.

Consider the loveseat

Downsizing to a loveseat will fit better in your diminutive digs and may even become a piece that you can use later if you graduate to more space; becoming an accessory paired with a full-size sofa.

Scout out low-to-the-ground furniture.

By choosing low-slung pieces, you’ll create a more open, lofty feeling in your space. Platform beds and slipper chairs are pieces that are typically a few inches shorter than their counterparts.

Try glass and lucite pieces.

Choose glass, lucite, and acrylic furniture pieces, they’re almost invisible. Be mindful of mirrored glass; a well-positioned mirror may make a room look larger, but a mirrored piece of furniture can make a room look cluttered when it reflects its surroundings.

Source: DigsDigs

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