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Smart Design for Studio Apartments

Although there are some downsides to living with limited square footage, you can still make a studio apartment feel spacious and sophisticated! Stick to these design tips to begin with:

Clever Layout The best layout for a spacious studio apartment incorporates double-use furniture, hanging things up, vertical shelving, and murphy or lifted beds. Camouflaging your storage will also make your space feel less cluttered: like a trunk for a coffee table or ottomans with hidden storage.

Use Mirrors Mirrors do two wonderful things for a studio apartment: First, they reflects natural light that bounces around the apartment. Second, it creates the illusion of depth and space. Lean it against a wall, hang it up or choose mirrored furniture to make your space feel larger.

Hang things For more living space, use your walls and ceilings to hang things up. Add hooks or pegs to hang up items and decor. For even more storage space, use storage netting and hang it on the ceiling.

Tip: Feature walls are great for a small space! Think of it like zoning, using a patterned wallpaper on one wall will help frame a specific area.

Use Big Furniture Don't feel like you have to stay away from big furniture if you have a small studio apartment. Lots of small furniture can make the space feel cluttered. Use bigger pieces to make your studio feel larger and airier.

Do you need maximizing your small space? Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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