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Small Space Ideas to Maximize your Home

Decorating a small space can sometimes be harder than larger spaces because it is easier to throw off the balance or get too carried away. It’s all about tricking the eye and making it seem like the space is larger than it really is.


First, you will want to consider the scale of your furniture and room. When choosing furniture for your small space, they need to go hand in hand together. Buy smaller furniture that doesn’t take up so much room, and stay away from clunky matching furniture sets.

Once you do find the right furniture for your space, try to keep it off of the walls. Pushing it against the wall will trick the eye to make it seem like the room is too small for the furniture.

If your space happens to be really small, multi-purpose furniture pieces might be the way to go. For example, choose a daybed that pulls out into a sectional. This way you can enjoy the space while your couch is not in use, or enjoy the couch when it’s time for a movie night. You could also pick furniture that doubles as storage. There are many sectionals that have storage, or you could choose a tv stand that includes space for baskets to put storage in.


When choosing a rug for your space, it should be big and anchor everything in it. If you happen to love the design on your small rug, layer a solid larger rug under it to get the same effect. Larger rugs will make your space feel more luxurious, and expand the room from all corners.

Mirrors are also a great way to make a space look larger. Big mirrors will add depth, especially if they are placed in an entryway, a constant line of space or a window.

One easy trick to immediately make a room look larger is by hanging your curtains to the ceiling. Doing this will lengthen the walls, making the room feel instantly bigger.


Lastly, paint is really important when designing a small space. Lighter colors will make the room feel bright and airy. If you enjoy darker color schemes, try an accent wall or bold wallpaper. This will not only create a focal point for the room, but it will catch the eye from a distance, adding the illusion of depth. If you choose wallpaper, choose a large bold pattern rather than a small scale pattern to make the wall look larger than it is. You can also paint baseboards and crown molding the same color to lengthen walls.

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