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Redecorate with Items You Already Have

Redecorating can get expensive, so here are three ways to refresh your living space with things you already have.

Rearrange: If you have a shelf or table with decorations on it, swap them out with other decorations around your house. This trick will give the room a new look. Try to keep objects placed in groups of threes or fives. Odd-numbered groupings tend to be more interesting than even-numbered groupings.

Create A Focal Point: Frame your artwork or photos and hang them around your living space. If a room lacks a focal point, such as a TV or fireplace, this will do the trick. Focal points attract the eye and create order within a space.

Comfort: Add some comfort to your living space by putting a throw blanket on a dining room chair or mix and matching pillows on your couch. This technique will add both comfort and textural contrast to your home.

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