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Ranch Architecture 101

Ranch architecture, also known as the American ranch, California ranch, rancher, or rambler, is a unique style of American home building. Ranch-style homes have a low, but wide profile and open layout. This type of architecture combines modern building techniques with the wide open spaces associated with the American west that creates a casual style still popular today.

A Brief History

Ranch-style homes became popular in the 1920s and became extremely popular in the southwest with post-war middle-class families looking for affordable housing, where they remained popular through the 70s. During this time, tract housing (housing development placing several smaller lots on to one large tract of land) began to define the American suburbs.

During the 60s many ranch homes, especially in the south, were being custom built with more architectural features and concepts. Their popularity took a dip in the 80s and 90s when styles like the Colonial became more popular. However, today ranch-style architecture is experiencing a comeback with the younger generation.

Must-Have Elements

Despite their many transformations over time, these are the must have elements of a ranch-style home:

  • A single level

  • An asymmetrical shape

  • Simple, open floor plans

  • A connection to the outdoors

  • An emphasis on the backyard

  • An attached garage

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