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Quick & Low Cost Curb-Appeal Refresh

Craving a curbside refresh? Paying attention to your front door goes a long way, it's like your home's smile. It’s much simpler than re-doing the landscaping, which is what usually pops into people's minds when they hear curb appeal.

A front door refresh costs a little more than the cost of a quart of paint (around $20) and maybe some new painting tools and primer. Picking a fresh color for your front door feels like a new beginning. Look online for colorful door inspiration and pick up a few paint swatches to tape on the door. Once you’ve decided on a color, you can get to work.

You can remove the door if you like but you can still paint while it’s on. The advantage is that you can paint both sides without waiting for one side to dry. Make sure to tape off windows and remove hardware before painting.

Before doing any painting, clean your door thoroughly, sand it lightly, and then wipe it down. Priming with a roller is fine, but painting your color with a brush will give it a nice hand-painted look. Even if you don’t want to paint your front door, giving it a thorough cleaning gives a similar fresh-feeling impact.

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