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Pro Paint Tips

Paint is relatively inexpensive and can yield an impressive transformation. To help your next paint project go smoothly, here are some pro-tips.

Prep the Walls

Never skip this important step! Doing so leads to lack of adhesion, poor sheen uniformity, and uneven surfaces. Before you begin, remove wallpaper or loose paint, sand glossy surfaces, patch cracks, scrub the surface clean, and allow it to fully dry.

Big Walls = Wider Rollers

Many painters use standard 9 inch rollers. However, if you have a larger wall, it makes more sense to use a wider roller to cover more surface area at once. Using an 18 inch roller can cut your painting time down by half.

Don't Overload the Brush

This will avoid sloppy results. Loading your brush with too much paint will cause drips. Only dip your brush 1/3 - 1/2 into the paint.

One Color at a Time

If you're using multiple colors, stick to one at a time. Once one color is done or you need to take a break, wrap the roller in plastic. For the next color, use a new or clean brush/roller.

Clean Up

Brushes are expensive and can last through many projects if properly cared for. Latex paint can usually be washed off your painting tools at home (tools should be cleaned immediately for best results) with warm water and soap. For oil based coatings, use mineral spirits.

Remember, never soak a brush and always hang dry!

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