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Pet-Friendly Rugs

You don't have to sacrifice the style or functionality of a decorative rug if you have pets, you just need to choose your materials wisely. When searching for a rug it should be durable, easy to clean, and low-pile. With that being said, here are the best types of pet-friendly rugs for your home:

What to Avoid

Shag rugs are out if you have pets. Lots of stuff can get stuck in the plush stringy material and they're easier for pets to chew or claw at. The same goes for high-pile, as hair and dust easily get lodged into the crevices. It's also best to avoid rugs with fringe or tassels. They are the prime play toys for your pets! Finally, avoid vintage finds that are delicate and require special cleaning.

Washable Rugs

A washable rug is your best friend. Just roll it up, take it to the cleaners (or do it yourself), and it's good as new!

Jute Rugs

These organic plant fiber rugs can fit any decor style. They're highly durable and easy to clean. Simply running a vacuum over it will get the dust and hair out of their crevices.

Synthetic Rugs

Nylon, polypropylene, and other synthetic materials are known for their durability and are easy to clean. Most are non-absorbent, low-pile, and don't stain easily. Synthetics rugs are also less expensive!

Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/outdoor rugs are great for anyone looking for a highly-durable rug. They are made to be resistant to anything life has in store for them, including water and stains. They're pretty enough to work in most spaces and just give them a quick shake to clean.

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