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Pantry Organization Hacks

Whether you have a small pantry, a large pantry or a tiny cabinet situation, it’s never fun when you have to search ten minutes for the one ingredient that you need. These spaces always seem like the hardest to keep under control, but with these hacks you will be organized in no time. If you’re tired of digging through your pantry everyday, take a look at these hacks, you’ll have a brand new pantry by the end.

Hack #1: Group Items

Start off by taking everything out of your pantry and grouping items together. This could mean grouping them by chips, sauces, veggies and so on—especially if you buy in bulk, or it could mean grouping meals together if you strictly buy only for a week or two. This will help you find things easier for example, if you are looking for canned corn, you will know where the veggies are grouped or if you are looking for tacos for taco Tuesday, you will go to

Source: Container Store

where that meal is grouped. It will help you find things faster and make cooking a lot more convenient.

Hack #2: Label Everything

Labels are your friend! If you happen to organize your food in glass jars, you will be able to find out what it is with a glance. If the box isn’t clearly labeled, put a label on it. Labels can go beyond just naming what the food is, you can also use labels for a snack bin designated just for your kids or to say hands off of a certain food you need for a recipe. This will make finding things more straightforward. Plus, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the ingredients you need or the guilty pleasure snack you don’t want anyone to eat will still be there when you get home.

Hack #3: Get bins/Organizers

Bins and baskets are great, especially if you are working with a cabinet. Again, group alike items together and put them in the same basket. If you are doing this with a cabinet, it will be effortless to pull the basket out and grab what you need. This hack will make it so you don’t have to knock everything in the front over to get to one stubborn item in the back. It can be done on a budget too! The dollar store has plenty of baskets of different sizes to choose from.

Hack #4: Designate A Shelf

If you have any little ones at home or a significant other that doesn’t appreciate organization as much as you do, designate a shelf for them. This way, they can have their own shelf to move around the things they grab most often and the shelves that matter the most to you will stay organized. This hack will ensure that you know where everything is, and it will prolong your organized pantry.

Hack #5: Get a Lazy Suzan

A lazy susan can be a lifesaver when you are trying to find smaller ingredients. This is a great way to organize spices and sauces. Even better, it spins so you can see everything at once. No more knocking down all of the spices!

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