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Our Top 5 Mudroom Ideas

Mudrooms are key for keeping your home organized and can be one of the most well-designed rooms in your home. Check out our 5 top ideas below!

Personalize With Chalkboard Paint Start with an all-white or neutral color palette and then add a dash of personality by using chalkboard paint. It makes organizing easy and allows for colorful accessories that the whole family will enjoy.

Add a Bench When you can't seem to get your shoes off without sitting down, adding a bench with open storage space underneath will come in handy. Slide a container box underneath or use the space to store extra shoes.

Tip: Add a comfortable cushion and some patterned throw pillows; same for a flip-top bench!

Use Wallpaper Transform your mudroom into a fun and lively space with bright or pattered wallpaper. Put it on every wall or, use it for an accent wall to be a little more subtle.

Laundry Room Combo For smaller homes, combining the laundry room with the mudroom makes sense. It's multi-functional and convenient for those times when you come home from a muddy soccer practice or day at the pool. Throw in your dirty items without tracking the mess throughout your home.

Pet-Friendly Consider the need for every member of your family, including your dog! Since kennels take up so much floor space, build one underneath a counter or end cabinet. Add a comfy bed and install a tension rod with a curtain to hide the space when guests come over.

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