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October Interior Design Trends

The seasons are changing and your home is starting to feel like it needs a change too. Here are some interior design trends for October that can hopefully help guide you in the right direction.

Warm Upholstery.

While it is the season to prepare for colder days, we will start to see more wool and velvet home furnishings. There’s nothing better than coming home after a brittle day to a cozy and warm environment. You can also count on oversized fleece, cotton or wool throw blankets and pillows waiting to be used for your next winter movie night!

Less is more.

This winter, we will expect to see minimalistic spaces. Since the pandemic, we have been spending a lot more time at home. Many have realized that decluttering is a priority when it comes to multifunctional rooms. We have also been seeing more unique spaces. Many homeowners are downsizing and using their space as a way to express themselves. Prioritizing important, meaningful and functional items is the best way to feel content and in control.

Bringing the outdoors in.

We are starting to see plants everywhere, greenhouses in homes and even walls covered in faux vines! It looks stunning and is always the perfect way to add life to a room.

Marble everywhere.

Marble is also popping up everywhere. It is beginning to be everyone’s favorite choice when deciding on countertops, tile, accent walls and even outdoors. If you are deciding to lay any surface this year, it better be marble!

Hopefully these trends got you thinking about how you want your home to look this cold season. Need professional interior design help? Call me today at (651) 468-6208 or email

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