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National Relaxation Day : At Home Spa

National Relaxation Day is tomorrow! Anyone can have a spa-like experience in their very own home, so here is our list on how to turn your bathroom into a peaceful retreat.

Declutter If you don't use it everyday, put it away (makeup, hair products, toiletries). Store them under your sink, in a basket, or cabinet. Only keeping out the necessities will help maintain a clean and relaxing atmosphere.

Calming Colors and Natural Textures To create a welcoming environment, choose neutral colors with wood and/or rock textures to create a simple and clean look. Bold accents and colorful shower curtains take away from a calming atmosphere.

Tip: Indoor plants and flowers will add life to your bathroom and help to create a healthy environment.

Shower Upgrade If you don't have the room or budget for a large soaker tub, upgrade to a luxurious shower head with multiple settings. Choosing a unique shower head that fits your style will update your bathroom instantly.

Calming Scents Aromatherapy boosts relaxation, relieves stress, and evokes emotions. Add essential oils, scented soaps, lotions, and candles to create a spa-like mood.

Tip: Lavender, Jasmine, and vanilla are best for a calming effect.

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