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Multifunctional Rooms Are More Useful Than Ever

Since the pandemic, we have gradually been finding out the convenience of multifunctional rooms. Families are finding out that a guest bedroom can also be a playroom and that the kitchen and living room can turn into a cluttered home office fast.

So, where do you start on making a room serve functional purpose and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time?

First, for the functionality, less is more. Make sure that your new multifunctional room only has what it needs. Building clutter will only make this room hard to function in.

Source: decoist

If you are planning to add a home office in your kitchen, try getting some organizers to help you decide what items are necessary and what items you could go without.

Second, for the looks. Make sure that the décor is reasonable for the two functions that the room serves. For example, if you want your guest bedroom to also be a playroom, be sure to include a storage unit for toys so they don't take up the whole bedroom.

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