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Most Common Interior Design Mistakes

Between selecting furniture, finding the right paint swatches, choosing the right art for your walls and placing your decor in the right places, there are a lot of decisions to be made when trying to design the perfect space. It’s easy to make small mistakes such as hanging the shelf too high or placing your decor slightly off, but I’m here to help you avoid those big mistakes that are harder to fix once they are done. I will be sharing the top four interior design mistakes to stay clear of.

#1: Not having the right proportions

A room with no sense of proportion will throw it’s potential off by a long shot. You could have the best paint color and furniture in town, but proportions are everything. The most common mistakes that I see are the same level furniture or furniture that is too small or too big for the space. To avoid this, make sure you add different levels of furniture to create a unique blend of heights and jot down the correct measurements. For example, usually the coffee table is lower than your couch, if the coffee table was the same level as the couch that would feel off. Think of all furniture the same way.

#2: Choosing the wrong rug size

Measurements are always key when you are designing a room or adding new decor into a room. The rug you just bought might have looked really big in the store, but then you come home to find out that it’s actually too small. Don’t let this fly. If your rug is too small, always exchange it for a bigger one. Having a rug that is too small throws off the proportion of your furniture and makes the space your working with feel smaller and more cluddered. When it comes to a rug, it’s always better to go big or go home.

#3: Not having multiple light sources

Lighting can often get overlooked. Having only one light source can get restricting and if it's from the ceiling, it can usually be unflattering. Make sure to have plenty of lamps, lighting that can be dimmed or accent lighting. This will allow you to set the mood and choose which light is the most flattering based on the weather or time of day. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of lighting you choose. Stay away from harsh fluorescent light. Instead choose soft white light bulbs. This lighting will be warmer and more inviting.

#4: Going cheap on big pieces

Oftentimes it’s easy to get carried away buying a bunch of cheaper pieces so you can fill a room more quickly if you are on a budget. If you are in the business of buying furniture or any kind of statement piece, it will always be more worth your money to spend a little extra up front. Think about it, if you are buying a couch, cheaper pieces aren't going to last as long. If you are buying art to hang up, it’s likely that it will go out of style within the next year or two. Instead get a high quality couch that will stay looking fresh for years and splurge on that unique painting that no one else will have on their walls. It's far more worth your money to invest on one statement piece than a bunch of small cheap accents.

Want to avoid mistakes altogether? I can help you get there. Call Adolfson Interior Design at (651) 468-6208 or email

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