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Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space this Fall

Patio season doesn't have to stop at the end of summer with the right tweaks. Follow these tips on how to prepare your outdoor space for the fall.

Rearrange your Furniture In the summer, you probably used your outdoor space to eat dinner and lounge around. In fall, you'll probably be using the space differently. Perhaps for drinking coffee or reading a book with a comfy blanket. You'll want your furniture to reflect this change. You can get cozy by bringing the furniture closer for more intimate seating around a coffee table or even fire pit.

Provide Additional Warmth If you don't have a fire pit, consider adding a heat lamp. To up the coziness, add in some throw blankets and pillows - Keep a storage box near the patio furniture for easy access and to protect them from bad weather.

Add Lighting Your daylight hours are limited in the fall, so adding extra lighting will ensure that the space can be used at any time. String lights, lanterns, and candles are decorative yet useful.

Refresh the Planters Keep your patio green as long as possible by switching out your summer plants with ones that can survive the colder weather like sedum and canna lilies.

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