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Make a Bold Statement with Black Walls

Black walls are a contemporary trend that can be classy and make a bold statement to any room design. Generally, black is associated with dark and moody, however in interior design, black becomes more of a neutral tone that's very versatile.

There are multiple options when it comes to using black paint in your home: accent walls, decor, or an entire room theme. Here is our list of tips on how to make a bold statement with black.

Balancing Colors Black walls can close in a space if the rest of the room's design isn't taken into account. Consider adding a few lighter tones to your color scheme to make the black stand out, like white, ivory, and creme.

You can also work-in bright neon colors into the room through furniture and wall art, creating a funky artsy style.

Lighting You can transform any black wall with light by positioning the lights closer to the walls or choosing a room with a lot of natural lighting. This will create a beautiful and sophisticated look.

Stay Minimal Do you want to try black walls without committing to all four walls? Make one wall an accent wall! You can gradually start incorporating more and more black elements as you get used to the look. Meanwhile, the rest of the space can be made up of light neutral shades.

Add Patterns

Add a contrasting pattern to your black walls, but don't over do it! Popular trends include floral, stripes, and paisleys. It creates excitement and softens the

"harshness" of black.

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