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Lighting Trends - What's New

Lighting affects how a home feels and functions. Poor lighting easily kills the mood and great lighting can make things look drastically better. Today we will be looking at some of the top lighting trends happening now.

Statement Lighting-

Oversized fixtures are replacing boring lighting options that were popular before. Creative lighting is becoming more personal and timeless. Choosing something that stands out when you walk into a room will make a space feel more put together and thoughtful. We are seeing this type of lighting in places like entryways, dining rooms and closets. Even the most ordinary spaces will feel more glamorous with the right statement lighting.

Art Deco Lighting-

Art deco lighting had its moment in the early 1900’s and it has come back a century later. Now that vintage furniture and décor is making its way back into homes, we need lighting to compliment. This type of lighting uses geometric shapes and a gold finish fitting perfectly into today’s homes.

Matte Black Finishes-

Matte finishes are bringing a sleek sophistication into homes, particularly black matte. These light fixtures can range from retro-inspired, modern, or even the simplest designs. The deep matte finish speaks for itself. Many people are loving this trend of the amount of contrast that is created in a room.

Stone Surfaces-

For those that love the earthy tones, stone is becoming a popular choice for lighting. We are starting to see stone sconces and lamps everywhere. What was once seen on walls, countertops and flooring has now made its appearance in the lighting category. This lighting is adding an organic glow that is just too hard to resist.

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