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Items You Should Never Store on Your Countertop

Kitchen counters are the prime spot to store things you don't have room for or just don't know where to put, cluttering up much needed kitchen counter space. Here is our list of culprits to clear off once and for all.

Rarely Used Appliances It makes sense to place your toasters, blenders, and other appliances on the counter top, because they're kitchen tools, right? Nope! Your counter tops should be treated as prime real estate, so if you don't use it everyday, put it away.

Olive Oil and Spices Make sure you're not storing olive oils and spices on the counter. Both can go bad or loose their quality quickly if stored in direct light or heat. Keep them out of sight and in cool/dark spaces like a pantry or cabinet.

Mail and Other Paper Items It's so easy to throw your mail on the table and "get to it later", but paper can accumulate fast. Not only does this create a cluttered mess, but if it gets wet, the ink can transfer onto the counter tops and onto your food!

Cleaning Products Food and chemicals don't mix. Don't risk spilling anything into your food or where you prep it. Even dish soap and disinfectant should be placed underneath a sink where it's out of sight.

Serveware There's no need to keep your fancy dishware on your counters to take up space and collect dust. If you're feeling decorative, hang it on the wall or stow it away until you have a specific use for it.

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