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Items You Should Get Rid Because They Take Up Too Much Space

We tend to hold on to things that are really just hogging space that could be used for something else or left refreshingly empty. Consider decluttering these items, if you’re itching for more breathing room:

Extra Linens

Whether it’s extra sheets or towels you keep around, there’s a limit to how many linens you need for purposes other than drying off or making beds. Go through your stock and decide on your parameters; you may like to have two sets of bedding and two towels per person. Then, decide how many extra linens you’ll keep for other uses and donate the rest.

source-Amelia Lawrence/Apartment Therapy

Rogue Food Container Lids

Food container lids are hard to get rid of; are the containers really missing? One thing that’s more frustrating than lids without containers is containers without lids! So, take out all your food storage containers and lids, match them up, and then get rid of unmatched pieces.

Passed-Down Servingware

Only keep the heirloom pieces that you truly enjoy and that fit into your life. This allows you to appreciate them without being bogged down by pieces you’re hanging on to out of self-imposed obligation or guilt.

Orphan Socks

Will that sock actually show up someday? You have to have a place to keep those socks with no match! Choose a time when all the laundry is done, gather all your orphan socks in one place, and match everything you can. Chuck the rest (consider buying all white socks, at least for your kids).

Mugs, and Water Bottles

These take up so much space in the cabinets. If you have a set of mugs that came with your dishes but you always opt for others, it’s fine to get rid of the ones that go with your set.

source- Joe Lingeman

Promotional water bottles that are rarely used and travel mugs you never reach for can all be donated.

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