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Items to Splurge or Save on for Your Bedroom

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Most of us can't splurge on every single piece of furniture and accessory when it comes to decorating our bedroom, or any room. So how do you decide where to spend your money and where to save? Here's a start:



Custom Drapery

Every window and room is different. When you order custom drapery, you're designing something specific to the size of your window and height of your ceiling so that they look perfectly proportional.


Art is a great investment to splurge on and there's so much out there to choose from. One great piece can make your bedroom unique and elevate it's overall style!

Mattresses and Pillows

A great mattress is expensive. If you're not ready for a new one or it's not in the budget, there are other add-ons you can find to get a little more comfort at night. For example, splurge on a comfy foam mattress pad and memory foam pillows. These extras can make a big difference.




Nightstands are a heavily used item and are susceptible to a wear and tear. You can find a nice, affordable nightstand at any furniture store so, splurging isn't necessary. You can even skip the nightstand and go with a floating shelf next to your bed.


Its easy to fake a high-end bed with layering. First, find an affordable and neutral sheet set as a base. Then, add a few interesting pillows, throws, and a blanket. This makes it easy to switch up your bedroom.


Don't overspend on too many accessories, this can clutter up your bedroom. Keep decorative accessories to a minimum so your space feels tranquil, restful, and spacious.

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