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Installing new counter tops? Read this first.

There’s no right answer on what type of countertop each person should get for their home. The ideal countertop depends on factors like color and your priorities. Picking out a countertop style for your home can be overwhelming with the many different options that are out there. Today we will be going over 5 of the most popular countertop styles to hopefully narrow down the perfect choice for your home.


You should choose granite if you love the natural patterns that it shows on its surface. Although this material is very solid, you should be prepared to perform occasional maintenance to keep it good as new. This counter does need sealant every 10-15 years to protect it from heat and harsh substances. This material can come in various different colors and patterns.


You should choose quarts if you want a high-end look without the maintenance. This surface is great for high traffic areas, kids and guests. Quartz has a lower chance of staining and marking. This is a natural material and colors are usually pretty consistent.


If you want a classic luxury look, marble is your friend! If you often use your kitchen or hate maintenance, then marble is not your friend. Although this surface is beautiful and comes in many different unique patterns, it does have a porous surface and needs regular maintenance to keep it nice.

Solid Surface

If you are looking for something modern and durable, a solid surface is where it’s at. This type of surface offers unique and custom molding options and is durable enough for a medical or industrial setting. This surface is matte and your colors are pretty much limitless. It doesn’t get better than that!

Solid Wood

You should choose solid wood if you like the warm and natural tones that it presents. Although it may seem durable, wood actually requires regular upkeep. This surface is susceptible to scratches and stains from water and heat.

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