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Instagram's Top Interior Design Trends

Instagram has emerged as a boundless source of design ideas for beginners and seasoned pros. Joybird, a home decor brand, released a recent report on some of the top interior design trends on Instagram in 2021. The results?

#1 Boho Chic

Boho Chic ranked as the most popular design style across Instagram, pulling in over 9 million posts with the hashtag #bohochic.

#2 Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic followed closely behind, pulling in over 8.9 million hashtagged posts. Given these preferred styles, the most popular home furnishing comes as no surprise.

Source: Ashley Area Rugs

#1 Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are the most popular home furnishing, with over 241,000 tagged Instagram posts on the social media platform. Persian rugs are revered for their rich, vibrant colors and intricate, artisanal designs. Often made with more natural materials rather than synthetic, these rugs have a reputation for being durable and high-quality.

#2 Day Beds: 223,000+ posts,

#3 Credenzas: 194,000+ posts,

#4 Floor lamps: 193,000+ posts

#5 Lounge chairs: 188,000+ posts.

No surprise here given the houseplant’s moment in the coronavirus pandemic, but plant-related interiors also made the top 12 furniture and furnishings list, including plant stands, ceramic vases, and concrete planters.

Some other general design trends include the perseverance of the home office. With remote work now the new norm, #homeoffice remains a top Instagram trend, pulling in over 6.9 million posts. The home office trend was also followed by gallery walls, home bars, and upcycled furniture.

What’s your favorite Instagram interior design trend?

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