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Inspiring Boho Living Rooms

Creating a boho inspired living space can be fun and allows you a lot of creativity. The best part about this style is that it allows you to use personal art pieces, lots of plants and use an endless color palette. If you have been noticing this design style in homes lately and you’re wondering how to get it, these tips will help you get started!

Add Texture

You have probably heard this phrase before, but what does it really mean to add texture to your home? Think of it as items you can’t resist touching at the store! For example; baskets, macramé wall hangings, woven items, and things that are made out of different materials such as leather and stone are all great examples. These are some potential textures that you could add to your home.

Low Level Seating

Bohemian styled living spaces set the mood for a relaxing, free spirited time. Low level seating will help set this mood. Some examples of low level seating could be floor pillows, Moroccan style poufs, ottomans and hanging chair hammocks. If you aren’t into unique seating styles, you can find sofas that sit low and invest in a coffee table that sits low as well. This will help set that mood and create a friendly and inviting boho environment for you and your guests.

Avoid Dark Furniture

Speaking of furniture, you will want to avoid big, heavy, and dark furniture. Keeping your furniture minimal and sticking to lighter tones will encourage that light airy feeling that bohemian environments give off. Although I do advise against dark furniture when styling a boho living space, I do recommend at least 1-2 smaller dark elements. This could be a navy blue painting on the wall, a patterned rug with some dark tones in it, or a dark velvet pouf.

Add Plants

This décor choice is a necessity when decorating a boho room. Plants will bring life and create a natural, jungle vibe that boho styles tend to give off. Some popular plants that are used in this type of living space are cacti, monsteras, pathos, snake plants, and any tropical plant. If you don’t have plants in your living space, is it even boho?

Rugs Are Life

Rugs are another essential when designing a boho room. Vintage and Moroccan rugs will really add to that global eclectic feel. Make sure to keep an eye out for rugs with beautiful patterns and pops of color to add interest to your boho getaway.

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