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How to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom

Making a design statement in a small bathroom can be challenging, but very possible. They're the perfect opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, be bold, and express your creativity. Here are some tips to begin with.

Pick a Bold Paint Color Any bright paint color will contrast perfectly with traditional white accents.

The Tile Treatment Adding mosaic tile to the walls surrounding your bathtub or shower will create an artful display.

Upgrade Your Mirror One of the easiest ways to update your small bathroom is to replace your current mirror with an over-sized/more sophisticated one. It will elevate the entire ambiance of the space with no renovations.


Adding an accent wall, or covering all four walls with wallpaper if you're feeling edgy, to your bathroom will brighten-up any tiny powder room with style.

Hanging Plants Add an extra-long hanging plant. It naturally draws the eye up so your small space seems bigger than it actually is.

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