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How To Make Your Rental Look Bigger

With just a handful of smart decorating moves, you can maximize the the space in your small rental. Here are some great strategies to use:

Oversized Shades

To open up a small space or to mask a window with wonky dimensions, hang up oversized shades. Try using bamboo shades for a nice texture or even a tapestry. However, a standard bamboo shade is a much cheaper alternative. Another way to fake bigger windows is by mounting draperies higher than the windows.

Vertical Furnishings

Maximize vertical space to make a home feel larger. For example, in a bedroom, you can add hanging lamps to immediately draw the eye upward. In a bathroom, you could choose a curtain that dramatically hangs from a curtain rod installed right at the ceiling line.

Simple Palette

Fill your home with tonal neutrals and lots of textured accessories; patterns can make a small home feel claustrophobic. Try finding tone-on-tone pieces like floor cushions and textiles that add visual interest without the business that comes with pattern mixing.

Use Reflective & Clear Materials

Keep your space looking bright, big, and airy with glassy and glossy materials such as mirrors and glass-front cabinets. If your landlord won't allow for new cupboards, simply replace a few of the doors and put them back on when you move. Anything that breaks up a wall of closed cabinetry will help!

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