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How To Fill Empty Corners

Do you have an awkward empty space that’s too small for a chair but too big for a side table? Here are some ideas to fill up those spots without cluttering your home.

Standing Mirrors

Stretches of bare wall, like an entryway, are awkward spaces to fill and may be highly trafficked transitional zones. Try adding a standing mirror for a bold, eye-catching statement.

Decorative Shelf

Construct a decorative shelf to display mementos and stylish decor for an elevated yet homey feel.

Repurpose a Vintage Find

Repurpose a vintage find, like a ladder. It makes a beautiful shelving option and makes a blank corner or empty wall space instantly more welcoming.

Position Art in a Unique Way

Art is always a great way to fill space. There’s always the traditional way of arranging a piece of artwork on a wall, but try hanging it in an unexpected way that draws your eye to an otherwise neglected space.

Pick a Plant for an Empty Corner

You can’t go wrong with sprucing up an empty corner with a potted plant!

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