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How To Create a Productive Home Office Space

While statistics show that working from home increases productivity, if you don't have a functional home office space, working remotely can be difficult. Ensure your work day is comfortable and efficient by following these productive home office tips.

Lighting The ideal home office space is in a separate room with lots of natural lighting. If you're short on space, simply position your desk next to a window. Natural light is energizing, making it a vital component for a great home-work life balance.

Personalize with Decor Creating a space that you enjoy being in is very important. Adding personal touches such as photographs, quotes, wall art, and even houseplants will help inspire you throughout the day. However, you don't want too many things to make the office feel cluttered.

Furniture Bland pieces of furniture are uninspiring and can affect your attitude towards work, making you less productive; try finding pieces that are fun yet functional.

Having a comfortable chair is essential to maintaining a steady work pace. Uncomfortable chairs can cause back and neck pain, causing a drop in your productivity. This is the same for your desk; standing desks are a great alternative to your standard stationary desk. They get you on your feet, helping you to avoid future potential health hazards.

Color Choosing the right colors in your home office can determine how well you work; there's a whole psychology on how colors effect the brain. It's important to add plenty of contrast and to stay away from bland colors like brown or beige. In terms of productivity, blues and greens have been proven to increase productivity and energy levels.

No matter the location or size of your home office, it's important to match it to your job and personality. Let Adolfson Interior Design help! Call (651) 468-6208 or email

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